A tall and lanky man, with greasy hair.


Speedy: Medium natural humanoid level 3 Lacky Initiative +6 Senses: normal HP: 45; Bloodied 22 AC 18; Fortitude 12, Reflex 15; Will 12 Speed 6

(See Human Bandit (MM1 162) for powers – add +1 to hit with all attacks, and increase all damage die by one.)

NOTE: All stats are based on last appearance. His stats are subject to change.


Speedy is a petty and cruel man. He is ugly. He is greasy. He smells bad. Overall, he’s quite an un-likable person.

Recently, he was employed by Grogthag as a member of his bandit gang. Unbeknownst to him, Grogthag had other reasons for his bandits activities than robing and looting – perhaps even noble ones. It makes little difference however, as Speedy is (more or less) an un-redeemable scum-bag.

After being rendered unconscious by Drake, and after Grogthag’s bandits split up, Speedy gave swindling a try. He was last seen on his way to the “big city.”


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