Arkhosia, also known as the Platinum Empire.


Arkhosia was a great Dragonborn Empire, that lasted over one thousand years (Approximately from -627 L.A to about 403 C.E). Although it was ruled by Dragons, with Dragonborn Nobility, its population was composed primarily of a mix of Dragonborn and Humans.

For about 600 years, Arkhosia prospered and grew. The origins of the empire begin as early as -852 L.A, in the form of a city state. Arkhosia, or the Platinum City, was founded by the remnants of Dragonborn barbarian tribes, who had decided to settle down. The town, and later city, would grow rapidly through trade until it became a powerful empire at about -627 L.A. This is marked with the authoring of the Manifest of Bahamut.

For about 500 years, Arkhosia was the political center of the known world. It had expanded its borders throughout most of the continent of Angelio. It wasn’t until about -57 L.A that it come into conflict with the up and coming empire of Bael Turath. A few decades afterwords, the Legendary Age would come to an end.

The beginning of the Common Era (C.E) was ushered in with what most scholars call “The Great Fall,” which climaxed with the One Hundred Year War (302 C.E to 403 C.E). At the end of the war Bael Turath lay in utter ruins, and Arkhosia fared little better. Though they were the victors of the conflict, Arkhosias fall would stem from it’s inability to sustain itself post-war. This is mainly due to the fact that virtually all of Arkhosian resources were depleted during the duration of the One Hundred Year War.

In the near century since the war, Arkhosia has reverted back to a mere city state. Its days of supreme political authority are over – and it’s power stretches barely a few miles outside it’s capitol’s walls. It is no longer ruled by Metallic Dragons, and the Dragonborn share nobility (and now, peasantry as well) with Humans.

Dragonborn Nobles (and to a lesser extent, Human nobles) bare a grudge with Tieflings. However, this grudge does not prevent them from coming to respect or trust a Tiefling – it is merely predisposition. Dragonborn and Human peasants do not typically share this grudge, however, and often accept Tiefling as fellow citizens.

*Places of Interest: *

In the past there was a great number of grand cities, temples, and fortresses. They are now all either destroyed or in ruins as of the modern day – though rumors of lost treasures and ghosts have recently surfaced.

As of the Common Era, Arkhosia is merely a city state. See Platinum City.


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