Bael Turath

Bael Turath was a powerful human empire, north of Arkhosia. Bael Turath reached its peak in political/military power just a few decades prior to the Great Fall, and the One Hundred Year War. Bael Turath was respected, even during the great fall. However, the respect it once had was replaced with dread when the first Tiefling were created. To do this, the then ruling king made a pact with Asmodeus. Since the utter destruction of Bael Turath, the Tiefling have been scattered across the world. Modern day Tiefling are often held with mistrust, but are not bound to the fate of their ancestors. Bael Turath, near its end, was also known as The Dread Empire.


Bael Turath was born in -397 L.A, but didn’t come into prominence until -113 L.A. The empire was created by a confederation of northern barbarian tribes, who could no longer hunt enough game to feed their population. They learned the way of agriculture, and by -113 L.A Bael Turath had developed into a regional powerhouse. Despite its humble origins Bael Turath managed to catch up quickly with evolving technology, and was soon completely modernized.

In the year -57 L.A the first real contact with Arkhosia occurred. At first, relations were good. However, over time, the two nations found themselves competing for resources. When Bael Turath and Arkhosia crossed swords for the first time, it marked the end of the Legendary Age. The first war lasted over five years, but at the end of it, a treaty was signed.

Though there was no real victor, both nations held a grudge for the other for the next 300 years. This grudge erupted into various wars, the last of which was the One Hundred Year War.

During the One Hundred Year War, Bael Turoth found itself at a disadvantage. Even though the nation had come into great military power it suffered a great deal of political/organizational problems. To make matters worse, Arkhosia had a superior fighting force in terms of numbers and training. Bael Turath found itself on the loosing side of most battles, and became desperate.

Scholars debate on exactly how what happened next came to be. Some argue that Asmodeous was the first to approach the king of Bael Turath. Others state that the opposite was true. In either case, the king of Bael Turath made a pact with Asmodeous in exchange for power – and in doing so, created the first Dread Lords (there were nine in all). Later, the Tiefling would be created from the Dread Lords’ servants – both willing, and unwilling alike.

With their new found power, it is believed that the Dread Lords slew the then emperor of Arkhosia, ending the Golden Dynasty.

In retaliation, Arkhosia launched an all out war, perhaps foolishly. For nearly eighty more years the war raged, and in the end Arkhosia was the victor. Bael Turath was utterly destroyed; it’s cities were burned down, and the ground salted; its nobles and leaders executed; half its population lost; six of the Dread Lords slain, with three un-accounted for (among them, the former king). However, Arkhosia had not escaped from total victory unharmed. It suffered staggering loss of life and depletion of resources, and as crumbled under the strain of existing.

In present day, the lands of Bael Turath are no more. Its land has since been swallowed up by surviving city states (all of which deny any connection with the Dread Empire), and fledgling nations. The only remnants left of Bael Turath are the few strongholds that survived the pass of time, and it’s abandoned capitol VorKragal.

Bael Turath

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