Mythic Age

Also see Manual of the Planes, a 4e product (WotC) also known as MotP

The Mythic age was just that; an age of Myth. It was the longest of all accounted ages, about 100,000 years (however, some scholars contend that the Mythic age was a length of millions of years, maybe even billions of years – though this goes against popular consensus). It was at the start of this period that the World Axis (MotP) was created (nobody knows how, or why).

In the begining (or, what is thought of as the begining), there existed only the void. For a reason unknown to even the most wise scholars, the void collapsed – and with it, created the Divine Spark (MotP). In the same instant, the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos were created. Two groups would emerge to represent both of these planes. They were the Gods and the Primordials, respectively. During this time, Angels (Of the Gods) and Slaads (Of the Primordials) also arose.

One of the Gods, Abhisumat, rose from among his piers, and became the King of the Gods. He was considered the greatest warrior among the gods, and trained many of the others in the art of war and strategy. Chief among his students was Lo, the Radiant Dragon. However, in all his glory, he had one weakness: his pride (a failing that his apprentice, Lo, shared).

Creation of the Mortal Plane(s)

The Elemental Chaos brimmed with the stuffs of constant creation, and destruction. The Primordials used a small part of their own spark, and the elements, to create the Titans. With the help of their children (as the Titans are regarded, as the Giants are regarded as the child race of the Titans), the Primordials began to craft the Material Plane (MotP). In the process, the Primordials threw to the side elements that were either too dark, or too bright. These cast aside pieces became the Shadowfell, and the Feywild respectively (MotP).

These other worlds, echos of the Material Plane the Titans created, had a strange property. Formorians rose in the Shadowfell, and Death Titans rose in the Shadowfell in response to the Titans presence in the Material Plane.

The Gods observed this creation from their Domains in the Astral Sea with great enthusiasm. They became inspired, and longed to create as the Primordials did. When the eventually did, they sought to improve the work that had been done by the Primordials.

It was first that Lo crafted the first Dragons in his image. These were the Catastrophic and Scourge dragons. In a similar likeness, he also crafted the Drahkonians – proto-Dragonborn. (It is because of this that Dragonborn are considered to be the oldest of sentient humanoids – however, it is important to note that proto-Dragonborn and current day Dragonborn are quite different from each other)

Natural life was created, as well as various humanoids. These humanoids included the Elfien (the original race of elves, created by Corellon, in the Feywild), the Dwarves (created by Moradin), the Humans (by a now, unknown, dead God), and Halflings (created by Sehanine and Melora – and later adopted by Avandra).

The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords was crafted at this time, as well.

Primordials coveted the dwarves, and requested that Moradin give them dwarves of their own. Moradin was pleased that the Primordials appreciated his work, and gave in. The Primordials then gave the Dwarves to the Giants, making them slaves to brutal masters. It is said that Moradin did save his children because he could not hear their cries above the clang of his own hammer.

Zehir learned from Avandra the art of altering species, but could only do so with the original creators permission.

Lloth learned the way of weaves by watching spiders, and became a deity of fate, weaving the strands of destiny.

The Primeval War

Becoming increasingly discontent with the God’s interference in the Mortal Plane, the Primordials declared war.

Moradin finally could hear the cries of the Dwarves, and in a passionate rage crafted possibly the greatest of all his weapons: The Soul Reaver – which he gave to Abhisumat.

Mythic Age

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